Worship & Music – The Worship and Music team sets the dates and plans for the celebration of the Sacrament of Communion, oversees the various musical groups in the church, plans special worship services and works together to ensure creativity and blended styles in worship. Kelly Andrichik – chair

Christian Education – The Christian Education team oversees all education and nurture programs in the church, such as Sunday school for children, youth and adults, Wednesday night youth group, Bible studies, book club, the church library, Vacation Bible School, and more. Aimee Crosby – chair

Mission and Evangelism – The Mission and Evangelism team ensures the congregation’s participation and focus on outreach and ministry efforts beyond the local community. They oversee mission giving and special offerings for missions. They keep connection to and report back from the various national and international missions we support and encourage participation in Habitat for Humanity and other work projects and mission trips. The M&E team also works to expand the church’s efforts and understanding of evangelism in the community through Christian nurture and discipleship programs and focus on our hospitality to visitors. Karen Rasmussen – chair

Fellowship and Membership – The Fellowship and Membership team throws the parties! They host the events in the church such as after worship coffee “hour”, the mid-winter luau, the Ash Wednesday chili cook-off, and summer picnic. They also keep track of visitors and members in the church to be sure we stay up to date on prayer concerns and needs of people in the church. Becky Henn – chair

Personnel – The Personnel team has the responsibility to budget for and, with the pastor’s guidance, manage the paid and volunteer staff in the church to ensure all aspects of the church’s ministry are covered. Dana Berry – chair

Building and Grounds – The Buildings and Grounds team ensures that the building and property of the church is conducive to the ministries of the other teams. They maintain the budget for regular and special maintenance, oversee special renovation projects, and help other teams dream and reach full use of the physical resources with which we have been entrusted. Wes Djuplin – chair

Finance and Stewardship – The Finance and Stewardship team is responsible for coordinating the annual budget and special offerings and for running the annual stewardship efforts. They also oversee all accounts in the church and make regular reports to the congregation. Becky Henn – chair

Memorial Funds – The Memorial team is responsible for the proper use of extra gifts given to the church in honor and memory of loved ones. They are also responsible for celebrating those loved ones and the gifts made in their memory in the life of the church. Jamie King – chair