Pastor's Welcome

Welcome!  I am glad you found our website in your search for a worship community.  I hope we can answer enough questions for you to feel comfortable when you come to the church, but leave room for your curiosity to bring you to church to find out what’s going on here at First Presbyterian. 

This congregation is full of passion for serving Christ.  Whether it is participation in worship as part of the vocal or bell choirs, serving others at the soup kitchen or on youth mission trips, or in our fellowship events like coffee hour or the annual winter Luau, this is a congregation that loves God and each other.  I feel very privileged to lead this congregation in worship and service, but it is the people of this congregation that do the hard work loving God through loving others in so many different ways. 

I truly hope you will come check us out.  I think you will find a lively, laidback, fun-loving, and warm congregation waiting to welcome you to worship.


Blessings and peace in your life,

 Lance Loveall

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